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Export Courier



Where speed and cost effectiveness are paramount, we strive to deliver as promised to over 600 cities in 240 countries worldwide. Delivery period ranges between 2 to 6 days, depending on customs requirements in destination locations.

We provide the most competitive rates as well as most efficient services comparable to any in our industry. 

Shipments come in two classifications, documents and non - documents. Items such as reports, manuscripts, computer print-outs, inter-office correspondence, charts, plans and other paper based communications are classified as "DOCUMENTS". These require only Gold Coast International Courier airwaybill to be completed. All others are classified as "NON - DOCUMENTS".


All "NON-DOCUMENT" shipments require customs clearance.

Collections are made from your premises throughout the day and dispatched same day to our hub or where shipment dictates, directly to location.

Collections from door are at a small fee but is free for account holders.

Any shipment requiring special handling or faster transit time must be advised prior to shipment being collected. These shipments will be quoted separately from our published tariff.


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