Company History

We were founded in 1999 as a partnership and throughout the years have operated as agents for some of the world’s leading express courier and air cargo companies in the world.

In the year 2000, we became members of the American Institute of Freight Forwarders.


Year 2002 saw us join the Association of Courier and Air Express Companies (ACEX) and also begin our On – site Messenger service by signing up reputable customers in the banking, consulting and legal services industry.


The year 2008 began with the signing of an agreement with a major Australian company to provide the quickest and the most cost effective service from Australia to ther part of the world.


In the same year, we decided to re-organise the company, and so under new management and additional financing we became a limited liability company.


Agreements were therefore signed and reached with our distribution partners in the United State, Brazil, South Africa, Amsterdam, Switz, Austria, Australia, Toronto and Sweden. Our London Offices to cover Europe, United States Office, North and South America and Asia. Our South Africa Offices to cover parts of Africa.


We have since then, been operating with our own branded logistics and marketing materials.