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1.      What happens if my package does not arrive on time?

Please call the customer service number or send an email within working hours – Mondays to Fridays and immediate assistance will be rendered. A customer service personnel will trace your shipment. If there are no tracking updates, delay may have been caused by public holidays or specific delivery failures.




2.      Where do I locate your offices in United States of America?

We encourage all our customers to book shipments in the comfort of their homes and offices online, so as to make pickups from their door. Presently, outside our covered countries, our agents are only able to deliver and not make any pickups. As we gradually cover more countries, pickups can then be made nationwide.


Our H/O is located at 2609 South Vine Ave Apt 63 Fullerton California 92833, USA


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3.      How do I get materials deposited at my premises so as to use your service?


As a corporate customer materials will be deposited with you. It will be used at all times.


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4.      How do I pay for your services?

We have separate options of payment. We accept cash for over-the-counter service. Corporate account holders however are billed on monthly basis.

Payments by credit card is being worked out. Please keep visiting our website for updates.




5.      Which countries do you not make deliveries to ?


We deliver to 600 cities in 240 countries


Call us to inquire the country you like to know about.




6.      Do I get any compensation when my shipment is lost?


Please kindly refer to our policy guidelines under “About Us” for details. You may enquire further by calling customer service or sending us an email.



7.      Do you provide clearance services for dutiable shipments?


Express Courier is a door to door service, however if shipment is dutiable and upon your request we will clear through customs. Customs clearance services for all air cargo shipments are available on arrangement with the Customerr.




8.      How do I use your Pickup Service?


For both domestic and international express courier pickup requests, you simply book on-line and your shipment will be picked up.


Payments are on credit for account holders but non-account holders will have to pay cash.